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Automatic Tunnel Machine with Direct Heat model.5000

Tunnel Machine,Lavash Bread

Direct Heat Tunnel Machine is specially designed for baking Lavash Bread as automatic. Baking Tunnel is equipped with inverter and thermometer that speed of conveyor and temperature of tunnel are regulated by them and the bread is baked with high quality. The last cutter of bread is made of special material according to customer's request; this device can be equipped with separate motor and inverter to cut breads in desired sizes. Baked breads are collected in a steel basket at the end of tunnel. If there is an automatic cooling band that equipped with some fans and one inverter, breads be transferred to it for cooling. The conveyor is made of galvanized, steel or cast iron. There is an automatic extruder that equipped with inverter and located at the beginning of the line and dough transferred to the baking surface like a ribbon. The extruder can be provided with inverter as customer requirement for regulating output speed of dough.

Electrical System :
The Electrical Control System of this Machine can be provided in two ways:
1.Automatic System : In this system, all control operations are performed by a PLC system which has been assembled on the board. The operator can set motor speed, temperature, off/on time and baking timer by a touch screen or select default programs. In this system, all operations can be saved and it is possible to set the machine and control its performance by the server system.
2.Mechanical System :In this system, heat regulated by a Thermostat and all control keys set by operator.

Thermal System :
In this machine, the required heat for baking which is spread under the baking plate and over the bread is supplied by two burners and the final product (bread) is thus baked with high quality. In this machine, bread is baked with direct heat and the installed thermostat in tunnel helps to setting temperature.


Features :

  • Body made of Stainless Steel Special for Food Industry
  • Long durability , nice taste and smell of the bread

Tunnel Machine,Lavash Bread

Advantages :

  • High Production Efficiency
  • Minimizing Hand Working in Baking Bread
  • Holder ISO 9001-2008 Certificate
  • Equipped with electrical control system for temperature and speed
  • Best Baking Results (Minimizing of Bread Wastes)

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