Mbico,Manufacturer of Bakery Machines


Deck Oven for Home Use

  • In Two Models : Gas & Electric
  • Suitable for Baking Massive Breads with Low Volume
  • Ideal Equipment Designed for Individual Food Processing
Lavash Bread Laminator,Laminator 2 Rolls

Laminator 2 Rolls

Laminator 2 Rolls Designed for sheeting kneaded dough that is located adjacent semi automatic rotating baking machine, kneaded dough is sheeted by passing through two rolls. It can be made without conveyor or equipped with conveyor. Distance between two rolls is adjustable.

Lavash Automatic Laminator,Dough Laminator 6 Rolls,Lavash Automatic Baker

Lavash Automatic Baker

Bread Automatic Laminator Laminator 6 Rolls (Automatic Bread Baker) is specially designed for sheeting dough. When this machine located adjacent to semi automatic rotating baking machine, the baker transfers the cut dough on the baking surface handy so not necessary to kneading dough. Also, when Laminator located at the head of automatic tunnel oven, dough is transferred on baking surface automatically. In this machine, dough thickness is adjustable and speed regulated by inverter.

Mobile Bakery

Mobile Bakery

  • Equipped with Pantry, Lounge, Flour Store and etc
  • Suitable for Baking kinds of Iranian Traditional Breads
  • Equipped with Welfare Complete Equipment for Settlement Workers
  • Holder of Iranian National Standard, CE Marking & ISO 9001 Certificate
  • Unique Design for Emergency and Disaster Relief Situations as Automatic & Manual Baking
Dough Divider,Dough Kneader,Divider

Dough Divider

Dough Divider Designed for dough cutting in uniform weight for using in continuous and non continuous production lines.

Industrial Bread Roller,Roller

Industrial Bread Roller

Industrial Bread RollerRoller is used to form the dough as a Roll for baking breads like Baguette and Sandwich. In industrial bakeries, Roller is located after rounder and kneaded dough is transferred to the Roller by conveyor.

Working Table

Working Table

Working TableDesigned and made in various sizes & floors for kneading and forming dough hygienically

Confectionary Mixer

Confectionary Mixer

Confectionary MixerEquipped with 2 bowls 60 kg and 3 paddles for mixing egg, cream and kinds of dough that is adjustable in 2 speeds.

Automatic Cooling Band for Bread,Bread Cooling Band

Automatic Cooling Band for Bread

Automatic Cooling Band is located at the end of automatic or semi automatic tunnel baking machine that transfers bread to packing area. Cooling operation is done by some fans and speed of conveyor is adjustable by inverter.

Electric Flour Sieve

Electric Flour Sieve

Electric Flour Sieve Electric Sieve designed for sifting, cleaning, and aeration the flour that results to high quality of bread because air incorporation in the flour would be caused to better fermentation and long lasting of bread.

Grinder,Sugar Grinder

Bread & Sugar Grinder

Bread & Sugar GrinderDesigned for grinding sugar and chopping bread.

Dough Bowl

Dough Bowl

Dough BowlThe company provides various types of Dough Bowl as per requirements of the customers, available in different sizes and shapes. These Bowls are equipped with wheeled stands for keeping and carrying dough. It is best place for resting dough outside the mixer.