Automatic Production Line for Industrial Bread

Full Automatic Production Line

Full Automatic Production Line for baking BARBARI bread has been made for the first time in Iran and Middle East without hand working that is the glories of Iranian Bread Industry and specially Mashhad Baking Industries Co. All of designing processes, making of executive planes, three dimensional modeling and designs approval have been performed and completed by expert engineers of Mashhad Baking Industries Co. during four years and finally this product reach mass production. The production capacity of bread is 20 ton/day. In this system, all operations related to processing dough and baking are performed and controlled by a Full Automatic System (PLC).

Production Line Control System :
The system is designed and made by R&D unit of Mashhad Baking Industries Co. in 1999 and received confirmation of Iranian Research Organization for Science & Technology (IROST) in 2002.Also, Full Automatic Production Line has been registered as an invention on Iranian State Organization for Registration of Deeds & Properties in 2005. The system has three touch panels with three different languages and the operator would be able to control the line from different three places by these panels. Also, the main function of central operator system is controlling & monitoring of production line.

Central Management System :
All production processes is observable and controllable by management system and management would be able to observe, reporting of production line information such as temperature, humidity of different places, conveyor speed, input amount of dough to line, amount of passing dough from different sections of conveyor, input amount of dough to proofer, final fermentation, oven and output numbers of bread from oven. Also, the possibility alarms to be caused in production line are observable on central management system. For comparison and conclusion about high operation and efficiency, the temperature and humidity of different places is observable and comparing (compare with results of the past days) by different curves & tables.

Operator Control System :
For high accuracy of controlling the production line, operator would be able to control and observe of information by three touch panels (Panel Master PL 121-TST – Taiwan) with below specification.

- Mobile Operator Control System :
The operator is able to manage the production line of different places by wireless tablet. All of production line information be saved on PLC's memory and observable by the curves & tables. It is possible to save information by flash memory that reviewing and editing are possible on computer (EXCEL program). Also, all of production line information on different plates of panel is printable.

- Central Processing System :
All of production operations are controlled and processed by PLC (Fatek-60MC – Taiwan). The processor can be connected to modem for correcting & changing the program, control and remote monitoring and save all of system's information for a long time. All drives are controlled by this processor and HMI receives its instructions from processor.

- Inverter :
The motor speed of production line is controlled by inverters of invt model; also it is possible to control without sensor & V/F. The operation accuracy is 0.5% of maximum speed. The carrier frequency is adjustable between 0.5 KHz ~ 15 KHz and be able to continue to working without any stopping when the electric current is OFF. The inverter has voltage automatic regulation function with 24 protection faults and inside brake unit. Also, the starting torque is 150% nominal torque.

Touch Panels of Production Line Controller
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Central Processing System (PLC)
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Electrical Cabinet Parts
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