• Indirect Heat Confectionery Rack Oven for Baking Kinds of Sweets
  • Indirect Heat Confectionery Rack Oven for Baking Kinds of Industrial Breads
  • Indirect Heat Confectionery Rack Oven for Baking Kinds of Cakes

Indirect Heat Rack Oven

Rack Oven

Rack Oven is used to bake kinds of sweets, cakes, candies and massive breads. This oven can be designed and manufactured in two models (equipped with steam system and without steam system) that is suitable for using in caterings and industrial kitchens.

Thermal System :
In this oven, heat is indirect that flows through a Complete Mandatory Heat Circulation, by closed-circuit channels, and one centrifuge fan conducts the Mandatory Circulation as a result. Heat converter which is used for this oven is Winkler, German and so designed that uses a low fuel with high efficiency.

Electrical System :
The Electrical Control System of this Machine can be provided in two ways:
1.Automatic System :In this system, all control operations are performed by a PLC system which has been assembled on the board. The operator can set motor speed, temperature, off/on time and baking timer by a touch screen or select default programs. In this system, all operations can be saved and it is possible to set the machine and control its performance by the server system.
2.Mechanical System :In this system, heat regulated by a Thermostat and all control keys set by operator.


Features :

  • Equipped with Inspection Window & Light
  • Easy to Clean & Maintenance
  • Minimizing of Required Space

Advantages :

  • Indirect Heat
  • Continuous Baking Bread
  • Equipped with Alarm Bell
  • High Efficiency according to Low Occupied Space
  • Low Fuel Consumption due to proper insulation
  • Optimal Energy Consumption


Rack Oven designed and produced in different models in Mbico as below technical data:

Technical Data

Technical Data Rack Oven

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