Sweet Production Line

Confectionary Rack Oven with Indirect Heat Special for Baking Sweet

For Starting of Production Line or Semi Automatic sweets Bread Baking Machine , Machines and Equipments as below are necessary:

Rack Oven

Confectionary Rack Baking Oven

Rack Oven is used to bake kinds of sweets, cakes, candies and massive breads. This oven can be designed and manufactured in two models (equipped with steam system and without steam system) that is suitable for using in caterings and industrial kitchens.

Electric Flour Sieve

Electric Flour Sieve

Electric Flour Sieve Electric Sieve designed for sifting, cleaning, and aeration the flour that results to high quality of bread because air incorporation in the flour would be caused to better fermentation and long lasting of bread.

Dough Mixer


Dough Mixer Specially designed for mixing all kinds of dough. Available in several models as Aluminum & Steel bowls accordance with industrial standards.


Dough Trolley

Available as different shelves and can be supplied as covered or without cover according to customers’ requirements. The trolleys are especially designed with high accuracy, so by considering height between shelves, preventing of lifting more than usual. The wheels are fireless and manufactured from superior quality raw materials with less depreciation.

Dough Tray

Dough Tray

Provided in various shapes and designs that match to customers’ requirements that are used extensively for transferring dough to oven after forming and also special for resting dough. We manufacture trays in several designs and sizes for different items. These trays can be made of different metals such as iron, steel, aluminum and galvanize.

Confectionary Mixer

Confectionary Mixer

Confectionary MixerEquipped with 2 bowls 60 kg and 3 paddles for mixing egg, cream and kinds of dough that is adjustable in 2 speeds.

Butter Laminator,Confectionary Sheeter

Confectionary Laminator

Confectionary SheeterThe Confectionary Sheeter used for sheeting different kinds of dough in confectionaries, equipped with speed round and dough thickness is adjustable.

Grinder,Sugar Grinder

Bread & Sugar Grinder

Bread & Sugar GrinderDesigned for grinding sugar and chopping bread.