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Mobile Bakery,mbico

Mbico's Mobile Bakery is specially designed for bread baking in field conditions that they don't have a professional or any other type of bakery and kitchen and need to create a temporary bakery in which bread is prepared in a vehicle to people in emergency situation.

The Container Structure :
Body and ceiling are made of steel sandwich panel with poly ertan insulation that ceiling and floor are coated with a special cover. The floor can be designed and made as out of standard size or standard equipped with brake of steel plate 3 mm (balloon and spring).

Equipment :
Equipment of Mobile Bakery designed and produced according to customer requirements, so that the container is equipped with Welfare Complete Equipment for Settlement Workers in addition to equipment of food and bread baking.

Other Equipment
Electric Generator , Gas Cooler (Hot & Cool) , Electrical Water Heater , Television , Refrigerator , Gasoil Tanker , Stainless Steel Water Tanker Resistance against Heat and Cold & Anti Shock , Water Pump , Gasoil Pump , Light Bulb , Water and Gasoil Piping (made of white pipe resistance against expansion and contraction with foam insulator), Lounge equipped with 2 Beds Folding, Dining Table, Bathroom, W.C, First Aid Box, Fire Extinguisher.

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